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SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry - Fire & Reconstruction Services

When your home or business has been damaged by fire, water, or storm damage, the immediate concern should be temporary protective measures such as placing roof ... READ MORE

We Can Handle Any Size Disaster

Why choose SERVPRO? We can handle any size disaster! When this large warehouse experienced a fire, the SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry team was able to complete... READ MORE

Turning A New Page, Orlando, FL

When a local library suffered from severe water damage from a storm blowing the roof off, our team of highly-trained professionals were able to dry and rebuild ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss, Longwood, FL

This was a commercial water loss that had come from a broken pipe. The water rained down into multiple office areas and a long hallway. The before picture shows... READ MORE

The Dry-Out and Clean-Up of Office Space Contaminated with Flood Water, Winter Park, FL

This photo shows the results of what happened after a major unexpected storm flooded this commercial office space with standing water. Left behind was a large a... READ MORE

Flood Waters Seep into this Commercial Space, Casselberry, FL

These photos show the flood water that seeped into this commercial building after a severe storm in Casselberry, FL. SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry provides 24... READ MORE

Water Damage at Casselberry Daycare

SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry was called out due flooding that occurred from a broken pipe at our local day care facility that had occurred overnight. SERVPRO... READ MORE

Maitland, FL Fire Damaged Garage

Electrical Fire In Garage Electrical fire in a local Maitland, FL home. SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry arrived onsite after the Fire to help the customers with... READ MORE

Electrical short in wiring causes FIRE DAMAGE to local home

Attic Short Causes Extensive Fire Damage in Orlando area home. A DIY project went awry, and an electrical arc ignited some personal belongings stored in the att... READ MORE

Why call SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry?

At SERVPRO of Maitland/Casselberry our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at the SERVPRO Corporate Traini... READ MORE